There is a power in fitness that is realized once you make the disciplined decision to move. It’s more than just physical but a transformation from within. The ability to hold the vision of your best self and take steps, no matter what size, towards realizing that goal. I feel blessed and humbled in my privilege to lead others in that process and partner with a community that is committed to these same goals.
— Jennifer Martin, yoga instructor

As a vendor and small business owner, it was exciting to experience the community of West Palm Beach embrace active, healthy lifestyles and all that entails while utilizing such a great location.
— Pam Kwarchak, owner of Pique Studios

District Fit is a great way to serve, connect, and celebrate our community. How do we continuously create positive change? We simply become the change we’d like to see in the community; meditation ignites that transformation from within. Joining in a group of like-minded individuals for meditation has numerous benefits for the whole person, mind, body and spirit. The convincing link between the mind and body is well established, and health and wellness advocates in the medical profession are prescribing meditation for all stress-related problems.
— Matt Cardone, meditation instructor

I was very impressed with the professionalism and overall treatment that I received when I was contacted to host a CPR class. The staff seem to truly have the best interest and overall well being in mind for all those who attend the event. I saw a great return of investment for my time and highly recommend District Fit to all who are considering attending or hosting a class!
— Jason Patton, CPR instructor

As an instructor I loved being able to teach my workout at two different venues and share my energy with two different groups of people.
— Erika Strimer, fitness instructor