District Fit raised $3,500 for locally-based company, Hope Water.

With every case of Hope Water purchased, you help provide safe, clean, drinking water to someone in need around the world.

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About Hope Water

Hope Water is a social enterprise devoted to increasing access to clean drinking water around the world. It’s a simple idea with a profound outcome. The idea was born out of a desire to give back to others in a real and meaningful way. Hope Water gives individuals a unique opportunity to give back every day through a simple choice of bottled water.

Hope Water is bottled at the source in the Natural Springs located in the foothills of Alton Virginia.

District Fit Support

District Fit is a free community event, created and funded by Hilton West Palm Beach and CityPlace. The instructors donate their time and volunteers help run the event. We’d love your support in donating what you can for each class or activity you attend during District Fit and all proceeds with go directly to Hope Water.